Privacy Policy

At Data Rescue Professional, your security and privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We take the following steps to protect your personal information:


Data Rescue Professional collects basic contact information when you subscribe to a newsletter or fill in a contact form. This information will be used for administrative and identification purposes only and will not be shared with our partners or third parties. Personal information is stored on Data Rescue Professional computers and is only accessed by authorized Data Rescue Professional personnel.


Data Rescue Professional uses a cookie to store your visiting and referrer information. A cookie is a small text file, stored on your computer's hard drive, that can be read by our system when you return to our site.


Data Rescue Professional also collects general demographic information about visitors to our site. The information we collect creates a broad picture of the visiting contingent rather than focusing on any one individual. This information is used to continually refine our products and to identify the most popular areas of our site.


Data Rescue Professional hosts a chat and discussion area in our site environment. Any information divulged in this area may be observed by other people and should not be considered secure. Data Rescue Professional is not responsible for the actions of our visitors. We cannot be responsible for maintaining the privacy of correspondence carried on outside our editorial environment.


If you use a credit card to purchase an Data Rescue Professional product, the credit card number is encrypted as it passes over the Internet. Your credit card number is not kept or recorded by Data Rescue Professional or our computers - it is simply passed through to the credit card company for them to process the transaction. In this respect, buying a product from Data Rescue Professional is similar to a credit card purchase at any store. Neither Data Rescue Professional nor the store keeps your credit card number on file.

More than anything, Data Rescue Professional tries to treat its customers as each one of us would like to be treated. We value our privacy and we value yours, too. It is our goal to make your experience with Data Rescue Professional a safe and positive one.

For more information on Data Rescue Professional privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.